When was the last time you picked up the phone and pitched your prospect on the benefits of your product and service?  And not in some half assed, kind of way. But with confidence, enthusiasm and the mindset that you already have their business!

When was the last time you closed the deal?

In an era where Seth Godin is a demi-God and Gary Vee makes more money than some small countries. In an age where  permission marketing  is the holy grail, whilst interruption marketing  -  the original sin. When was the last time you just went for that sale, all guns blazing. Bold in the knowledge that you have something worth buying?

You’ve heard it said a 100 times before that “free is not a business model”. Yet when marketers, bloggers and  businesses alike; are giving away everything but the farm on a near daily basis, it can be hard to place a value, then put a price on your product, service or skill.

Except,  if your going to make any profit, there comes a time when you have to draw a line in the sand and start actually –  selling something!

If the truth be told

I hate getting phone calls whilst I’m in the middle of dinner from some 19 year old school drop out; selling me cleaning products, double glazing or credit card (debt).


Because I’m not in the market; for any of those things. I don’t need them or want them, and if I did, I would find them. At a time when I was not enjoying a good steak, some red wine and crap tv….

Traditional telemarketers do very little research. They pick a number and dial it, in the hope of catching some poor old lady off guard, a house wife in a good mood or a student dying to go on holiday with their mates and in need of some credit.

This type of marketing depends on slick talk, skin thicker than an elephant and bucket loads of luck. And whilst you may be able to pitch your little heart out, if you can’t close that sale, your wasting every-ones time. It takes a special kind of person to succeed at telemarketing.

But guess what…it still works!

South East Asians girls, be keeping it old school

In a rundown room in the annex of a five star hotel, there are a group of women who pick up the phone and jump into the crap shoot daily. They don’t know who they’re calling and they don’t care. They have a product with benefits bound to appeal to a certain type of  person, and they work on commission only.

So they call and they call and they call. On average this sales office does 50+ sales a day. We won’t do the math on the amount of calls it takes to make those sales, or the amount of profit “the big boys” make from every sale, as that’s not really the point.

The point is….

These women grind it out from morning till night on the phone, and their not even the main beneficiary of all that dough! They make commission only, and while it’s more than enough to keep them off a pole in Patpong doing things with their lady gardens that are unspeakable. Only the very top sellers make bank… European wages are hard to come by and go a long way in Asia.

They get to sit in an AC office and make enough money to feed their families, keep them in stacked high heels and make-up; whilst building a house up country, and their in the company of friends. For them it’s as pretty cushy number if somewhat monotonous, but you’ll hear very few complaints.

So what are you waiting for ….

A written invitation?  a sign from the heavens or some sh&*t… Your customer is not going to “ask to be called” in the middle of dinner. But did you here that important phrase.. Your customer…..

As a self-employed bizness person, you know who your customers are,  or at least you should?

You know their needs, wants, desires and email…heck; you even know their number. And if you don’t, you can work out how to get it.

Then….. get on the phone and hustle. Sell them the things they want and need, and make your offer irresistible.

Don’t take their first NO as the definitive answer. Overcome objections, smoother them with benefits galore, then watch them take out their credit cards or go on to your website and click BUY NOW!

Interruption marketing sucks. 30 people slamming the phone down in your ear is tedious, time consuming and a fustrating. But this tried and tested method of getting peoples attention, THEN their money in YOUR bank account, still works.  And if it didn’t, the big boys would stop doing it!

It gets the sale. It gets your brand out there and your name heard, and it shows people that you mean business. Literally!

People admire tenacity, confidence and grass roots entrepreneurship.

If your business is on the verge of being canned because it’s not profitable. If your entrepreneurial spirit is somewhat jaded after days nee weeks; of not a single sale.  Stop fannying around, and pick up the damn phone. Then don’t stop until you make a sale.

It’s a numbers game, but it works if you work it. So work it, your business is worth it!

Hows that for a 2012 biz focus: More phone time with your prospects?  Skype is your friend…

Q. When was the last time you picked up the phone to a prospective client… and what was the outcome?

Q. What’s holding you back from picking up the phone and calling your prospects today?

If you’ve loved this post, been inspired by it, or maybe you hated it…come share your views, thoughts and stories with me and others. And if your not on the MAILING LIST already…now’s a good a time as any.

Note to the MLSM community: Where has my red hat been these past few weeks hmmm…try London, Hong Kong, Bali, Bangkok and now Chaing Mai! There’s been a lot of change, and I honestly can’t say when things are going to slow down. Both my blog and on-line communities have been somewhat neglected as I pick up airmiles and work out where to settle down. But my vision is becoming clearer, I’m learning from incredible people and occasionally taking 5 step backwards to take 1 forward.

As always….its all love.xx


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